मुसलमान करते हैं सबसे अधिक कानून का पालन – आईपीएस सेतु रमण



11/07/17- Kerala

केरला के मुस्लिम बहुल मलप्पुरम जिले के पूर्व पुलिस प्रमुख आईपीएस सेतु कुमार  ने अपने तजुर्बों को शेयर करते हुए फेसबुक पर कहा है की कितने ज्यादा मुस्लिम्स होंगे माहौल उतना बेहतर होगा साम्प्रदायिकता और जातिवाद उतना ही कम होगा ! उन्होंने केरल के मलप्पुरम जिले का ज़िक्र करते हुए बताया कि यहाँ सबसे बेहतरीन मलयाली (केरल के निवासी ) लोग रहते हैं  जो हमेशा आपकी मदद करने को तैयार रहते हैं!

वह लिखते हैं,’ एक पुलिस अफसर होने के कारण वह सब जगह गए हैं और प्रदेश के हर इलाके को जानते हैं। हर जगह मुझे हिन्दू, मुस्लिम, नायर, ईसाई, दलित आदि मिले हैं। लेकिन मलप्पुरम में एक सच्चा मलयाली मिल सकता है। कोई भी किसी दूसरे की मदद के लिए तैयर रहता है। लोग कानून का पालन करते हैं।’

साथ ही उन्होंने मुस्लिम शख्सियतो और खास लोगों का ज़िक्र करते हुए बताया की मुस्लमान कहीं भी हों उनका मिजाज़ अच्छा रहता है ! उनमे बेहतरीन लोग हैं जिनमे  मुस्लिम लीग के प्रमुख शिहाब अली तंगल  हैं जिनका दरवाज़ा हमेशा सब के लिए खुला रहता है ! ऐसे मौलवी हैं जो कट्टरता के खिलाफ सबसे अच्छा बोलते हैं !

उनका मानना है कि जितने ज्यादा मुस्लमान केरल में होंगे उतना ही प्रदेश के लिए बेहतर होगा! उन्होंने नई पीढ़ी के मुस्लिम एमएलए और राजनीतिज्ञों को आने वाले कल के लिए भरोसेमंद बताते हुए लिखा है कि वह न सिर्फ केरल को बल्कि भारत को भी बेहतर बनाएंगे !

पढ़िए अंग्रेजी में उन्हें विचार

What would happen if population of Muslims increase in Kerala ? 

Sethu Raman IPS
As an IPS officer who served as the District Police Chief for four years in Malappuram District, I can say it will make Kerala a better place to live in every respect.

As police officers, we have travelled throughout the state and know people from every corner of the state. Everywhere I have come across only Hindu, Muslim, Nair, Ezhavan, Christian , Dalit etc. But in Malappuram, one can find paccha Malayali. Any one is ready to help another. The most populous district in south India has no history of communal riots. People are extremely law abiding, cordial and helpful. If Muslim population increases it will certainly increase the Malayaliatha, and youthfulness. It will reduce communalism and casteism.

Kerala is going to be enriched culturally. We need more Basheer. One can not think of any other actor other than Mammooty in vadakkan veera gatha, amaram , rajamanikyam, franchiyettan etc. It is Fazli who has given us Manichitrathazh. Who is more progressive and liberal than M.N Karassery in Kerala ? I learn Malayalam from his beautiful writing. Polyglot Samadani sahib’s speeches are enticing to every secular Malayali. Muslims have among them the best of critics and rationalists in Kerala. Hamid Chenthamankaloor seamlessly writes about Kerala society and polity. No one challenges fundamentalists better than E.A Jabbar Maash and Ayub Maulavi.

The political culture of Muslims is model for other minorities. There are more than five crore Muslims in UP. It is undemocratic that not a single MP to represent them. Number of MLAs in assembly is too few proportionate to population. In Kerala, Muslims are part of state building, thanks to mainstream politics. It is encompassing and liberal. Any one can go to Panakkad , to Thangal or kunchalikutty sahib and feel at home. Learn from Minister K.T Jaleel about best of Islam and get guided by his simplicity and commitment. Is there any non Muslim more secular than former minister Aryadan Mohammed? I doubt. Young Muslim MLAs and politicians are highly promising. They are going to make not just Kerala , but India better.

More Muslims means more Indians , more Malayalis, more investors and more consumers. Hence more development. Yusuf Ali has done more than any bureaucrat or diplomat in bringing investment and development in Kerala. The number of Muslim investors are too long to mention here. Without remittances from Islamic countries, Kerala would have been a basket case.

Kerala is beautiful and blessed land. Muslim youth make it lively and energetic place. Malappuram is full of youth and promising students. It is going to bring out brilliant scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and artists. They are contributing and are going to contribute to the national development.

It is a myth that Muslims tend to have high fertility. The birth rate in Indonesia and Bangladesh is lower than UP and Bihar. Birth rate is high in poorer communities. If you want to reduce Muslim population , make them rich. Give them opportunities. Rich and literate Muslims tend to have smaller families.

The real problem is labelling. I am also doing that mistake for the sake of this article. I don’t want Karassery Maash or Mammooty or Minister K. T. Jaleel to be labelled as Muslims. They are incredible Indians, bigger than to be tied to a religious community. Even ordinary people don’t want to be labelled. Cant we let the children and youth pursue and experiment with different perspectives. Can’t we let the children and youth free to live on my own without the externally imposed imagined identity?

The religious fringe elements make made life miserable for everyone. They cant look at children as children, mothers as mothers. They label them as Muslim children, Hindu children , Christian children , Nair children etc. No child is born religious. No prophet or God is bigger than child to the mother.

साभार – सेतू रमण आईपीएस की फेसबुक वाल 

Courtesy- Facebook wall of IPS sethu Raman