Journalist-turned-legislature, Nongthombam Biren Singh has outrightly lambasted the mainstream media for reportedly sidelining the recent earthquake in Manipur and other major issues concerning the land and people of Manipur and other Northeastern states of India.

Nongthombam Biren Singh

“I call them mainland Indian medias, to them Manipur is not part of India,” said Biren, former Editor of Naharolgi Thoudang, a local daily based in Imphal, while speaking to NeLive during a telephonic interview regarding the dissatisfactory coverage of earthquake in Manipur that killed more than 7 and injured above 100 people on Monday morning.

मुस्लिम परिवार में शादीे करने के इच्छुक है तो अभी फोटो देखकर अपना जीवन साथी चुने (फ्री)- क्लिक करें 

Expressing discontentment over sidelining of the earthquake by mainstream media especially TV news channels, the senior Congress legislature of the state said that Manipur and other Northeastern states are the most neglected part of the country.

The general attitude towards the region of mainland Indians keep the Northeast away from the media glare, he pointed out and said that the “mainland Indian media” is reluctant to carry news from Manipur, “Because most of the media houses of the mainland are run by businessmen for their commercial benefits. In reality media personnel has to be from amongst the nationalists, who can sacrifice and dedicated for the entire nation and humanity.”

“Second, their knowledge about the region is limited as the syllabus of many mainland schools and colleges don’t cover about the Northeast. They really don’t know about the Northeast people; even don’t know the total number of Indian states. Being an Indian, I feel shame of this people,” he added.

Dr Moirangthem Amajeet Singh, Associate Professor of Centre of North East Studies and Policy Research at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi has the opinion that “media normally gives undue emphasis on terrorism and this time the attack is on important air force base (Pathankot)”.

When asked is it the reason for mainstream media’s failure to bring the earthquake in Manipur to national attention, he retorted “I don’t want to compare earthquake with terrorism, even in Manipur it is business as well.” Courtesy: nelive