Bhatkal: “We are the people of knowledge. Our religion gives utmost importance to education and its only through education that we can succeed and lead the world towards enlightenment.” said Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadwi, president of the All India Muslim Personal Law board. He was addressing a gathering at an award ceremony organised by the Lion Sports Club in Bhatkal on Wednesday.

Maulana Hasani stressed heavily on the importance of education. He said that the people of this era have far greater responsibilities than those before them. “Allah has tasked us with mission of spreading the light of knowledge. Responsibility is given only to those who have the ability to perform it. We have the example of our prophet from whom we can learn as to how can we spread education.” he said.

मुस्लिम परिवार में शादीे करने के इच्छुक है तो अभी फोटो देखकर अपना जीवन साथी चुने (फ्री)- क्लिक करें 

Mentioning the current problems faced by the world, Moulana Hasani said that the world is facing problems because it is not connecting with its creator through the knowledge it has. “We need to use our knowledge to connect with our creator, only then can we ‎solve our problems.” he added.

The Lion Sports Club is well known organisation in the coastal town in Bhatkal. Apart from being a strong contender in various sport tournaments, its also known for its social activities. (Sahilonline) (The Milli Gazette)