AHMEDABAD: Sarah Shaikh (name changed) was suffering from a rare kidney disease called Lupus Nephritis – a disease which prevents a woman from delivering a healthy baby. On February 15th though, she delivered a completely healthy baby – thanks to the nine-month treatment she received from city-based doctor Pankaj Shah. As a gesture of her thanks, Shaikh named her baby boy after him.

Dr Shah has been treating Shaikh at a nominal charge in a civil hospital as she could not afford the otherwise high treatment cost. A resident of Juhapura area, Shaikh had previously lost two infants as her body produced antibodies which were harmful to the babies. “​Women with this type of kidney disorder can’t deliver healthy child. But this disorder can be cured with proper treatment, “said Dr Shah. “​We gave managed dose of different medicines with steroid for 9 months to the patient. It is available at a nominal charge at the civil hospital here.” Under Dr Shah’s treatment, Shaikh became a proud mother to a healthy boy and her gesture to name him after the doctor, many would agree, bodes well for not just communities but for humanity at large. (timesofindia)

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