Baramulla: To highlight the contributions of Imam Ahmad Raza Baralvi in Islam, a religious conference was held by an independent religious organization, Idara Tahqeeqat-e-Iman Ahmad Raza on Sunday at Markazi Masjidi Ovais-e- Karni, Azad Gunj, Baramulla.

Imam Ahmad Raza conference attracted a huge crowd from different parts of valley. It gathered general public, school children and eminent scholars of the valley. The conference started off with the recitation of Quran, naats and Mankabats. During the conference various prominent scholars not only shed light on the works of Imam Ahmad Raza and his contribution in Islam but also presented their views.


Time and again, Idara Tahqeeqat Imam Ahmad Raza Kashmir has played an active role in organizing religious conferences, raising general public awareness on various social evils in the valley. The organization had made timely and frequent contribution by organizing seminars on various social issues like suicide, dowry, environmental pollution,drug etc. Addressing the social concerns particularly of youth indulging in various drug practices, they have organized awareness programs/seminars on drug de-addiction as well. Moreover, in order to spread the word of Islam they have published more than twenty thousand books on different aspects of Islam and its benefits.

During the devastating 2014 floods that hit the valley, Idara Tahqeeqat Imam Ahmad Raza played a challenging role to reach the flood hit victims across the valley. They actively carried the rescue and relief operation and provided basic amenities of food, medicines to flood-hit victims.


However, a huge participation was seen in Iman Ahmad Raza conference held in Baramulla. On discussing the contributions of Imam Ahmad Raza, one of religious scholar Mufti Manzoor Raza while presenting its view said, “some scholars have tried to portray Imam Ahmad Raza in a wrong manner as they are unaware about the exact literature.”

Another scholar, Moulana Noorul Haq added that Imam Ahamd Raza’s contribution in representing the life of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) and his teachings is in its truest form.

South Kashmir’s prominent scholar, Engineer Nazir Ahmad Pampori again highlighted the different perspective of Ahamd Raza’s contribution in every sphere of Islam and its emphasis on the teachings of Prophet Mohammd (PBUH). Pampori explained Ahamd Raza as “a scholar which had explained the true teaching and concept of Allah in Islam.”

Adding to it, an Egyptian scholar from AL Azahar University, Dr Gul Mohammad Azhari said a lot of research work has been done on the literature of Imam Ahmad Raza all over the world and most of his literature is translated in AL Azhar University.

While the discussion took its momentum, a leading scholar of Kashmir, Moulana Ghulam Rasool Hami said “Ahamd Raza’s literature is the best to understand the practice of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for the humanity.” He claimed that many scholars have misinterpreted Ahmad Raza which is baseless. Also his work has also been plagiarized, he added.

The final words came from the Chairman of Tahqeeqat e Idara Ahmad Raza Kashmir, Shah Khursheed who concluded by saying that their organization is carrying all work optimistically and enthusiastically to address various social issues and spread word of Islam in order to construct a better society. He concluded by paying deep gratitude to the scholars and participants for their presence and making the conference both informative and productive.

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