Aligarh: After the suicide of Dalit Students in Hyderabad University, students from across the country are protesting to demand justice for Rohit Vemula.

Students of Aligarh Muslim University announced a protest march in AMU campus demanding the just for Rohit and asking the strong action against the culprits.

मुस्लिम परिवार में शादीे करने के इच्छुक है तो अभी फोटो देखकर अपना जीवन साथी चुने (फ्री)- क्लिक करें 

Students will start the protest March from Maulana Azad Library to Bab-e-Syed at 12:30 pm on Wednesday.

“Rohit suicide symbolised the exploitation of not only dalits but also the whole weaker section of the society” said Mujahid Mughal, research scholar in AMU.

“We are demanding justice for Rohit. We think that nobody is safe in BJP’s regime” said Yasir Arafat Turk, a research scholar in AMU.