Trump is official nominee, still not a winner

I am good for Muslims: Donald Trump

Zaigham Murtaza

“The chair is prepared to announce the results. The following candidates received the following votes- 1,725 Trump, 475 Cruz. 120 Kasich, 114 Rubio, 7 Carson, 3 Bush, 2 Paul. Accordingly, the chair announces that Donald J. Trump, having received a majority of these votes entitled to be cast at the convention, has been selected as the Republican party nominee for the president of the United States.”


With this announcement Donald Trump is officially declared the candidate of Republican Party for the Presidential elections to be held in November later this year. Amid all hue and cries, opposition, walkouts and protests Trump walks on the Republican ramp. He has crossed the first hurdle but final battle is still far away.

On Tuesday evening, Trump secured the 1,237 delegate votes needed to become the nominee at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Trump’s home state of New York put him over the top. It’s party time for New York business tycoon. He should feel on the top despite all the bitterness and spoil games played in Cleveland convention but he may surely have felt the tremors.

Trump may have crushed the opposition but it seems for time being. They won’t sit back at home and eat popcorns. They will take every opportunity to turn the tables on Trump. Most happy person after the Republican Convention may be his opponent and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. At least she enjoys much better support in her party. Despite all the bitterness with her former competitor Bernie Sanders it seems the dust has settled down. Democrats are ready to take on Trump with horns.

And what did Hillary said after the drama in Cleveland?

“Last night in Cleveland was surreal and I kept thinking…what’s this like? And then I thought you know when I was a little girl I went to see when they reissued it, ‘The movie The Wizard of Oz.’ And there were similarities that appeared to me – you know lots of sound and fury even a fog machine but when you pull back the curtain, it was just Donald Trump with nothing to offer her to the American people,” said the Democratic Party nominee and the front runner.

What about the popularity among voters? Hillary sits on top with lead of over her opponent. She leads Donald Trump by 3 to 4 percentage points. That’s down from a lead of 6 or 7 percentage points a few weeks ago, still lead is lead.

Producer/Reporter, Rajya Sabha Television