Street Vendors welcome Delhi Govt. rules and schemes for street vendors with reservations



The hawkers federation, the largest federation of street vendors associations, groups, collectives of delhi with a membership base of twenty three thousand and Janpahal an NGO intensely working with street vendors have welcomed the new notification of Govt. of NCT of Delhi published on 6th January 2016 under the title Rules and Schemes under Street Vendors (protection of livelihood and regulation of street vending) act 2014.

This new notification has amended or sponged controversial provisions of the earlier notification published on 13th October 2015. New notification has sponged the regulation of not allowing cooking on the streets. It has also done away with the regulation timing of street vending from sunrise to sunset and has now empowered local town vending committee to set the time. It also doesn’t mention the earlier regulation of not permitting the electricity or water connection on vending sites. Mr. Hakim Singh Rawat, General Secretary, Delhi Hawker’s Welfare Association has welcomed the new notification saying that it would be an important rule to end bribery and day to day harassment of street vendors.

Ms. Priti Maurya, a women leader of the Hawker’s federation said that the scheme has given due right to women hawkers by provisioning preference to women vendors. She further said that preference should also be given to separate women and single women.

Dharmendra Kumar, Secretary, Janpahal and an activist working on issues of Sustainable Trade and urban poverty stated that the amendment brought in by this notification within a time frame of less than three months of the rules and scheme notified by Govt of Delhi is really historical and commendable. This shows that the Delhi government has plight of street vendors and rampaged mass corruption at high priority. However, Mr. Kumar said that there are still many provisions under the notified rule and schemes which needs to be revisited. Mr. Kumar said that as per the notified rules and scheme only a registered voter of NCT of Delhi could be allowed for street vending in Delhi. This is not acceptable. Mohd Zakir Riyaz, leader of minority committee of the hawkers federation said that minorities along senior citizens and transgender should also had been given preference in allocating vending licenses.

Dharmendra Kumar Hakeem Singh Rawat Priti Maurya Mohd Zakir Riyaz