How Kanhaiya fade out the PM’s speech

How Kanhaiya fade out the PM’s speech

Who is Kanhaiya? Is he simply a student leader?, Is he only the JNUSU president? or he is really an anti-nationalist as per declared by some journalist and so called many nationalist leaders and supporters of BJP. But according to my thinking, in the recent past he has emerged much more than what he himself would have expected.

Can we see kanhaiya as a new leader emerges from many small movement (like save UGC non-net fellowship, Rohit Vemula sucide) similar like Lalu Yadav, Nitish Kumar who were emerges from J.P. movement. I know many of you may say, it’s too early to judge him but I can very firmly say, really he is emerging better than Lalu, Nitish and many other student leader emerges from J. P. movement. I am not saying only to prove my point but I have some logical as well as factual data.

If you analyze the day of 3rd March 2016 than you will see many big story took place in the country. India’s most powerful and specially media’s loveable Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha and he thrashed badly to his opposition and critiques. While other side where cricket is treated like religion and specially when Indian team wins by big margin the joy becomes double. But after seeing most of the channel except Zee News, broadcasting live to Kanhaiya Kumar speech from JNU made me shun. This thing insisted me to see news websites of other media houses than really I got shocked, because I visited around 10 to15 websites of both Hindi and English and every where Kanhaiya was the first lead.

The karisma of this emerging leader not stopped here, his speeches were highly shared on social sites. Most of the famous intellectuals and journalists were sharing video of his speech, writing different posts and so on. Most of the channels were sharing his speech in bits and piece, people were highly eager to watch his full speech. This thing compelled me to reach at conclusion that his popularity has really fade out the charm of most popular PM at least for a day.

This thing is not new when an individual has become a hero within a few days, either you take the example of Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal or Hardik Patel. One thing was very common in those incidents because majority of people and media were supporting them, but in his case the way media has created moral panic among people has created really an adverse situation for him.

One thing is very surprising and matter of discussion for all of us that why today he got so much coverage from media? Is that all media were sympathizing him or after getting bail from high court media considered him as an innocent? My answer would be no. I think his ability to deliver speech and courage to speak against government forced the media to broadcast his speech live, and more importantly his image among public of fighting against social and political evils.

Though his case is still under prejudice, so it’s very difficult to say much about him but if the entry of this man called Kanhaiya Kumar is so filmy than don’t get surprised if his future becomes more heroic.

Aquil Ahmad Khan
Research Scholar, Dept. of Electronic Media & Mass Communication
Pondicherry University