Cult of Satan ISIS Threatens To Invade India!

ISIS Warns Of Severe Attack On Britain That Will Turn Childrens Hair White

By Ahmed Mohiuddin Siddiqui

The cult of Satan – the (Un)Islamic State of Iraq and Sevant (ISIS) which is notorious for demonic activities like beheading innocent people, raping women and selling them in slave markets has set its ugly design of invading India to establish the so-called Caliphate under devil incarnate Abu Bakr Al Bahgdadi.

As part of their nefarious activities, they use the social media platforms to announce their brutalities and evil intentions for the future. The threat to invade India came in a tweet to Hyderabad Lok Sabha member Asaduddin Owaisi. It may be recalled that Asad Owaisi has been pointing out the evil of ISIS and asking the youth not to fall prey to the barbaric outfit. One ISIS terrorist by the twitter name of Abo Talout Al Khorasani threatened Asad Owaisi. The same terrorist abused me on twitter. Both Asad Owaisi and I gave a tough time to Abo Talout and made him retreat from Twitter.

The ISIS terrorist called the Majlis supremo a disgrace for Muslims of India. He cautioned that opposing ISIS will lead Asad Owaisi to hell. Abo Talout asked Asad Owaisi to repent before the end.

Abo Talout’s Tweet to Asad Owaisi:

ابو طالوت الخراساني ‏@abotalout Jan 6 @asadowaisi

Your Disgrace for Muslims of India. Opposing islamicstate will lead you to hell only repent before end–

The barrister in Asad Owaisi woke up and challenged the ISIS terrorist for a debate and said that he (Abo Talout) would not be able to counter the theological points. It is significant to note that Asad Owaisi is equally good in matters of Islamic faith. He reads voraciously and some of his speeches give ample glimpses of Asad Owaisi being a Maulana himself. He is known for a moderate approach in religion, which is the essence of Islam.

Asad Owaisi’s Reply to Abo Talout:

/asadowaisi Asaduddin Owaisi ‏@asadowaisi Jan 6 @abotalout

sir you are a bloody Takfiri if you want to debate on Evil ISIS I am ready you will not be able to counter my Theological Points
At this, Abo Talout loses his cool and asks Barrister Owaisi to shut his mouth on Islamic State. In this tweet, he disclosed the evil design of ISIS to invade India!

Abo Talout’s threat to invade India:

/abotalout ابو طالوت الخراساني ‏@abotalout Jan 6 @asadowaisi

Its better for you to shut your mouth on Islamic State if you don’t know the truth, IslamicState will invade india soon.

From a theological confrontation it progressed to a direct threat to India. I could not take it. I challenged the ISIS terrorist – how dare the ISIS can think of invading India? I reminded him that we are 1.21 billion soldiers! I acknowledge with gratitude, the support of my countrymen when I challenged the ISIS terrorist. Many of my fans, followers and well-wishers retweeted and liked.

My challenge to ISIS terrorist Abo Talout:

/journopolana Ahmed Mohiuddin ‏@journopolana 23h23 hours ago @abotalout @asadowaisi To hell with you Abu Talout & evil ISIS. How dare you think of invading India? We r 1.21billion soldiers! @PMOIndia

The incensed ISIS terrorist mocked at me in an abusive tweet, talked about ghar wapsi and ‘my daughter’. I have no daughters for his information!

Terrorist Abo Talout’s abusive tweet to me:

/abotalout ابو طالوت الخراساني ‏@abotalout 23h23 hours ago @journopolana By the help of Allah, When they converted u as ghar wapsi & marry your daughter we will come to india for teaching you islam

I challenged the bigot Abo Talout and asked him to dare not enter our holy India to pollute it I also said that Allah will protect India and its 1. 21billion army.

After my latest challenge, the ISIS terrorist Abo Talout vanished from the scene and made a hasty retreat.

My tweet which made the ISIS terrorist run away:

/journopolana?edit=true/journopolana Ahmed Mohiuddin‏@journopolana /journopolana/status/[email protected]

Your death cult ISIS dare not enter our holy India to pollute. Allah will protect India & 1.21b army. @PMOIndia @rama_rajeswari

The ISIS is mistaken terribly if it thinks that it can invade India. This part of the world is not Iraq or Syria. When it comes to safeguarding the unity and integrity of our great nation, all Indians stand shoulder to shoulder! The cult of death ISIS cannot withstand the might of 1.21 billion soldiers. Every Indian is a soldier. We will allow anybody to step on our holy soil with evil machinations.

‘‘Let us shatter the dream of the ISIS terrorists. Make no mistake about Indian Muslims. We are taught from childhood that loyalty and love of the motherland is part of the Islamic faith. We are born in India and it is our duty to protect our motherland. Let there be no illusion. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India! So what, if he belongs to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)? Many Muslims oppose him like many other Hindus. That’s the beauty and strength of our democracy. Modi has political opponents. Do not mistake it with enemity. We, all Indians are for sure the enemy of ISIS, if it dares to attack India! All political differences dissolve, when our country is threatened. Narendra Modi will lead India as long as he is the Prime Minister. We respect Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. There are no two opinions about that. ISIS – dare not dream to attack India. 1.21 billion army will wipe out ISIS from existence’’.

I will continue to expose the evil ISIS in all my columns in Kohraam, The Moroccan Times, TheTunis Times, Etemaad and others. Jai Hind!