Why students should involve in politics?

Today many politicians are mentioning that the main deed of students is study so they should not be involved in politics. I think none of the students will disagree with this statement but a story of a common student who came to study only now in politics. When I tried to know what happened with him. He explained it why students should be in politics.

A year ago I met Rustam, a student of Allahabad University in the university campus. At that time when I met him, he was in B.A. first year. He was living in hostel. Few days ago again I met  Rustam not in university campus  but searching a room in Allahpur delegacy. When I asked Rustam that you were a hosteler why are you searching room. He answered he was picked out from hostel.

He was beaten, threatened by the illegal students living in hostel. Same day on 9 Dec. 2014 six illegal students came to his room to threat and warned him” leave the hostel otherwise he will be beaten again and again until he leave the hostel.” At the same day Rustam met hostel warden, chief Procter and vice chancellor but they did nothing. He met SSP Allahabad with hopefully but returned hopelessly.Taking his important things Rustam came to his friends but not permanently because he is unable to pay the room rent. On 20 Dec.2014 Rustam filed a writ. On 28 Jan. 2015 Allahabad High court ordered the Procter to solve the matterwithin four weeks. But the matter was not solved by the university administration and till date Rustam is living with friend to friend alternatively. Through RTI it’s came to know that there are more than eight hundreds vacant seats in the hostels but there are no allotment for. But students like Rustam who are from economically weak are compelled to live in the delegacies. To see the activity of Rustam university administration issued a notice that he is disturbing the administration works. If he will again try to do so action will be taken against him. On 25 Jan 2016 went to court against the university administration under contempt of the court. Again court ordered to procter to provide room for Rustam and make the hostel free from the illegal students. Not only Rustam but all that students who are living outside the hostel are waiting when the action will be taken. Now Rustam is searching a room only for four weeks so that he could prepare for the exams because his examination is near at hand and want to read without disturbance.

there are many students like Rustam but Rustam is one of them who is trying for the hostel and fighting against the university administration for his rights. Rustam has spent more than 14 months, in these days he tried much but got nothing as result. And at last he has decided to go home after the final examination. ” the students who are living in the hostel are  from political parties and there are many professors in the administration are also from the political background too. This is the reason administration are not taking action against them. All are going with the help of administration” he said.Our HRD minister mentioning again and again in her speech that present govt. is doing well for the students but olny in speech it is not on the ground. If students who are organising demonstration, hunger strikes, protests for their rights university administration is taking action against them, notices are issued again and again. In this situation what students should do except drop the study and go back. ” if policies like fee hike, fellowship cut are imposed under neo liberal policies. That’s why we shall have to be in politics and fight against these policies” Rustam added.

—- Vishnu Prabhkar Upadhyay