Resignation is not enough, he must be investigate

The BJP leader and Maharashtra’s revenue minister Eknath Khadse, has resigned but the controversy over the allegation made against him, does not seems to stop here. The Aam Aadmi Party and Congress party asking a serious action against him. Only resignation is not enough.

Earlier, Khadse was forced to give up to his job as he was facing solemn charges of corruption against him. Now, the congress party acquiring the high level investigation over the serious concern. He was no other option instead of resignation, while he was facing the charges like the MIDC land deal and Dawood call allegation.

“Only resignation will not do. We urge a high level judicial inquiry into the scams involving Khadse. We don’t have faith in this government, which may sabotage the investigation,” Maharashtra Congress chief Ashok Chavan said.

By making a strong attack on BJP, former chief minister Pirthivi Raj Chauhaan said that The Saffron party had no option since the allegation made against Khadse like the MIDC land deal and Dawood call allegation, these are very severe for countryside”.

However, the former leader of AAP Anjali Damania  said, “I will sustain my hunger strike till a time-bound inquiry is ordered against Khadse because there has been a trend that such leaders involved in corruption cases are politically rehabilitated by making them governors of other states”.

Previously, she was on hunger strike demanding Khadse’s resignation since the issue comes in the lime light. Further she added, “Khadse’s resignation is a small development. What is important is ordering an inquiry into the wrongdoings of the minister”.

These all occurrences seems that none of the political party want to lose the chance to vandalize the shadow of BJP not only in Maharashtra also in the Country.

Web-Title: Resignation is not enough, he must be exposed

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