Saturday, September 18, 2021




PM Narendra Modi in fresh controversy, says traders are braver than even army jawans

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed himself in yet another controversy after an old video of his statement describing traders braver than even army jawans went viral on social media.

In the short video clip Modi is seen saying, “A trader is braver than even the army jawans.”

This new comment by Modi for armed forces has evoked scathing criticism on social media platforms.

User Ganesh Thanush on YouTube said, “Our soldiers are dying at the borders, and this man disrespects the army.”

User Sidhu said, “tabhi to modi ambani aur adani ki chatta hai.orop ke naam se maun vrath rakh leta hai.”

On twitter too, early reactions have been scathing against Modi.

Here are some examples.




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