Muslim boy kidnapped, beaten by Bajrang Dal members for shopping with Hindu girl in Mangalore

Police Mangalore has arrested five Bajrang Dal members in connection with an alleged kidnapping and beating of a Muslim boy last Sunday.

The Bajrang Dal members, 10 of them, had kidnapped a 21-year-old boy Arshad for going to shopping with a Hindu female friend.

The police in the communally-sensitive coastal town of Karnataka has launched a huge search operation to arrest the remaining five, who are believed to have fled Mangalore.

The girl was allowed to go after she revealed her identity but the right-wing gang kidnapped Arshad and took him to an isolated area on the outskirts of Mangalore.

The girl tried to intervene but she was warned to “mind her own business or face dire consequences.”

It was on the basis of the woman friend’s complaint that police arrested Chetan (22) from Kujathbail, Rakshit (23) from Sringeri, Sushanth Shetty (23) from Karkala, Sharat Kumar (20) and Ashwin Raj (21) from Mangalore on Monday.

Quoting police, the paper also reported that Arshad worked in Dubai and had become friend with the girl through Facebook. The girl is from Maharashtra but studies in Manipal.

Of the 10 accused, four worked in the mall as outsourced staff. One of them had tipped off his other friends about the duo shopping in the mall.

Soon 10 of them arrived outside the mall primarily to teach the minority youth a ‘lesson.’

In August last year, Bajrang Dal goons had tied a Muslim man to an electric pole before stripping him naked for travelling with a Hindu girl in the car. (