Jamia Teachers’ Association stands with JNU

New Delhi : At the outset of the recent developments in the JNU row in the National capital of the country, Jamia Millia Islamia, Teachers’ Association issued a press release stating solidarity with JNU.


Following is the text from the Official press Release.

In its press statement  JTA unequivocally disapproves all forms of Anti-Constitutional activities in any form and manner. It is a matter for JTA to uphold and work for strengthening the entitlements and obligations of the citizens enshrined in our Constitution.

Jamia Teachers’ Association condemns, in no uncertain terms, the police action at JNU and the arrest of JNU Students’ Union President, Kanhaiya Kumar. We share the anguish and anxiety of our colleagues at JNU and extend our solidarity to the JNU Teachers’ Association, which has taken a lead in the movement against police high handedness and an organized assault on the autonomy of the university.

Universities are spaces of debate and discussion. It is through contention of ideas that intellectual cultures thrive. Criminalizing students for holding and expressing beliefs cannot be allowed under any circumstances. We are further dismayed that the Government leadership, instead of trying to resolve the issue, is playing an incendiary role, feeding intro hysteria by making unfounded allegations based on fake tweets. We are also concerned that our senior colleagues from Delhi University have been called in for questioning by the Delhi police. An Atmosphere has been created where free though and exchange of ideas is becoming impossible, it said.

Jamia Teachers’ Association extends support to JUNTA and JNUSU in their hour of crisis. We endorse their demand for a police free campus, the immediate and unconditional release of Kanhaiya Kumar and the dropping of cases of sedition against all the students. We also demand an end to police harassment of our colleagues in Delhi University, it further said. (MM News)