Jains most literate in North, Muslims the least

The Jain community has more literates than all other communities in North India, census data of religious communities have revealed, and the Muslims stand at the bottom of the chart with their literacy rate much lower than the national average of 73%.

The data released on December 30 shows that the Jains, who have 94.9 % literates, are followed by the Christians, whose literacy rate is 84.5%. The Buddhists have 81.3% literates, the Sikhs 75.4%, the Hindus 73.3%, and the Muslims 68.5%.

According to the census data, the Jain women also lead in the literacy charts with a literacy rate of 92.9%, followed by Christians (81.5%), Buddhists (74%), Sikhs (70.3%), Hindus (64.3 %) and Muslims (62%).

In the union territory of Chandigarh, where the overall literacy rate is 86 %, the Jains again top with 98.5%, followed by the Sikhs, who have 94.6 % literates. The Muslims in the union territory, however fare better at 74.7 %, 1.7% above the national average.

Then UT’s Buddhists have a literacy rate of 92.6 %, closely followed by the Christians with 91.2%, and the Hindus with 85.2%.

Among the four states of Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Haryana and Punjab, Himachal leads the chart with a literacy rate of 82.8 %, followed by Punjab (75.8%), Haryana (75. 6%). Jammu and Kashmir fares the worst at 67.2 %.

In the Census, literacy is defined as the ability to read and write with understanding in any language.

A person who can only read but cannot write is not considered literate. There is no requirement for any formal or minimum educational standard to be considered literate. Couresy: hindustantimes