Mangaluru: Thousands throng Rahmania Dargah crossing bridge of boats

Thousands of people use a Boat Bridge , to take part in the Uroos of The Rahmania Dargah Masjid Shariff located at Nadupalli in Adyar Kannur in Mangaluru on Sunday. 67 boats have been used for temporary bridge, also made available to the devotees used the other from the river bank to the Darga. –KPN ### Mangaluru: Boat bridge for Uroos

Mangaluru, Jan 31: Thousands of devotees on Sunday crossed a bridge made from boats to get to a historic Dargah-cum-mosque located on an island in the Netravati river near Adyar Kannur on the outskirts of the city.

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Sixty-seven boats were used for the temporary bridge to reach the Dargah where normally people take individual boats to. However, for the Urus, the bridge was laid out for convenience since many people were expected to attend the ceremony.

The 400-year-old Rahmania Dargah Masjid Shariff also known as Nadupalli is surrounded by river which flows serenely around an isle where this ancient mosque is located.

Tombs of three saints, who had spent their entire lives in providing spiritual guidance to the people, are located at this Dargah.

It is said that bodies of three persons, two brothers and a sister, had flown from west to east to this spot. The bodies were seen to be having some divine powers. The people had arranged to bury them and build their tombs on the right side of the mosque. Since then, people across different religions have made it a practice to visit the Dargah and seek fulfillment of their wishes.

According to the organizers of the Urus, this Dargah is known for granting the wishes of farmers. There are many instances in which farmers, troubled by lack of rain, came here, made gruel mixed with jaggery as is customary, distributed it among the needy, and prayed for rain. Heavy rain soaked them on their way back. To celebrate these divine powers, every year, Urus and other religious programmes are held, say the organizers.

Another unique feature of this Dargah is the presence of two sweet water wells in the area, although normally wells in the vicinity of the sea have salty taste. Water from these wells is used by the people living in the locality.

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