The Plenary Meeting of Iraqi Sunnis ended by stressing on unanimity and unity against threats

Final statement of the conference stressed on brotherhood and peaceful coexistence. It stated what Iraq is witnessing today is nothing but discord, a spirit of hostility and hatred, which is heritage of instigators who have created a gap, difference, extremism, Takfir and sectarianism. It considered Marja’iat as   “Security valves” to stop the war and bloodshed, and also to protect the honor and property.


According to the statement, Iraqi elite of scholars and decision-makers gathered to discuss the current situation and make the right decisions which realized Iraq’s unity and provide security, stability and a real national reconciliation free of religious bigotry and political quotas.


The conference asked Sunni civilians to be active in the political process in Iraq and fulfill their part in building a new Iraq.


Iraqi mufti, Mehdi Ahmed Al-Sumaidaie, the head of the conference announced that he will stand against every attempt to divide Iraq. He did not accept foreign interference in the internal affairs of Iraq. Al-Sumaidaie also did the talk with al-Hashd al-Shaabi and other Iraqi group to unify Iraq.


The conference was held to confirm the integrity and unity of Iraq and solidarity in the face of political and security threats among different part of the country, carrying the motto “we protect our honor and dignity by embracing religious authority as the basis of unity and integration of our homeland”. 300 figures and religious scholars including ethnic groups’ sheikhs (tribes) attended the conference.