Indian Delegation to monitor Syria election on June 3

KNN 2nd June 14

New Delhi:Indian Delegation will be in Syria to monitor Syria election on June 3 ,reported Feroze Mithiborwala an  expert and activist on Palestinian issues.

As part of the International monitoring group, a team of 5 Indians have  for left for Damascus. The team includes senior journalist Jatin Desai, well known photo-journalist Dilip Banerjee, Anhaita Mukherjee with the Times of India, Feroze Mithiborwala & Ashraf Zaidi, both of whom are international activists & writers. Election observers from the U.S. are expected to join observers from Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, (BRICS) Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Canada and other countries representing the overwhelming majority of the people of the world.

Overall, analysts say, the election seems intended to send a message of Assads strength and resolve to Damascus friends and enemies alike at a time when events on the battlefield have been going in his governments favor.

The formal election campaign is set to begin Sunday, though what it will consist of remains unclear in a nation without a recent history of competitive elections. This will be the first time during more than four decades of Assad family rule that opponents appear on the presidential ballot.

A soldier doing checkpoint duty in a southern suburb said he hoped that the election would help ease pressure on the thinly stretched army and allow him to get a leave to visit his family, who are refugees in Jordan. He seemed more focused on that than the possible winner.

I havent seen my family in three years, said the conscript, who was found with uniformed colleagues eating ice cream at the Bakdash emporium in the Hamidiya market.

None of a dozen or so people interviewed in the capital criticized the president. Many clearly back Assad, though the extent of that support is hard to judge in a war-torn nation with no accurate polling and profound fear of the secret police. Privately, some wondered whether voting for an opposition candidate was even a wise idea, despite supposed secrecy in balloting.

The polling stations will probably be concentrated in government-controlled districts such as Damascus and the Mediterranean coast, both areas where Assad has strong backing. Officials havent directly addressed the difficult issue of how to organize voting in heavily contested zones or those out of government control, including suburbs just a few miles from central Damascus.

US is against Election in Syria:-It is clear that the victory by Assad in Syria’s elections will give him additional democratic, electorally-bestowed legitimacy and that is the real reason why the US government doesnt want an elected government, geopolitical analyst Brian Becker told to Media.

Source:La Times and FM Faceboook page


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