Facebook, Twitter, delete Hamas’ accounts


Facebook administration has removed for the third time a number of news pages dedicated to supporters of Hamas Movement in the occupied West Bank.

The removed pages include the Islamic Bloc official page, andpolitical prisoners in PA jails official page, in addition to several other fan pages that were dedicated to the group’s supporters in the occupied West Bank cities and towns.

Facebook administration had earlier closed fan and news pages affiliated with Hamas Movement twice since the outbreak of tensions across Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank in October 2015.

Last Friday, Twitter shut down the account of the al-Qassam Brigades’ official spokesman, Abu Obeida, which had almost 200,000 followers.

The closure was the latest in a series of accounts linked to Hamas to be removed by Twitter.

“Twitter’s persistence in shutting down our accounts shows that our true voices have exposed the Zionist enemy and its proxies,” Obeida said, in statements posted to Hamas’s official website.

“Twitter chose to side with the occupation, which refutes its claims of honesty and impartiality.”

Hamas also claimed Twitter had closed “Al-Qassam Brigades’ Arabic, English and Hebrew-speaking accounts that collectively had over 200,000 followers.”

A separate Facebook page set up by Obeida on Saturday – after his original Twitter account was deleted – was also removed.

Courtesy: PNN