Ban on Muslims will not stop such attacks: Clinton

The presidential nominee from the side of Democrats, Hilary Clinton, criticise his opponent Donald Trump. During an interview she has suggested to the Trump to build a wall on Mexican border and barred Muslim to entering into the country.  

 “A ban on Muslims would not have stopped this attack. Neither would a wall,” Clinton said, referring to this week’s shooting attack in Orlando, I don’t know how one builds a wall to keep the internet out”, She said.

The presidential candidate of Democrats pointed out that the Orlando gunman, Omar Mateen, was born in New York to Afghan parents.

Earlier, the presidential nominee of Republican targeted Mateen’s parents by saying that Mateen’s parents shouldn’t have been let into the country. He’s also criticized Clinton’s and President Barack Obama’s anti-terrorism policies and their support for tougher gun control laws.

Therefore, Clinton replied that he is dangerous to the country and its national security efforts. His comments have become even more inflammatory in recent days, this approach isn’t just wrong, it is dangerous. And I want to emphasise and underline this. Of course we want to keep our country safe that should go without saying, but we rely on partners in majority-Muslim countries to fight terrorists.”

Web-Title: Ban on Muslims will not stop such attacks, Clinton

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