Another brutalment in Syria, eight people succumbed

In the recent attack, in the Syrian capital Damascus. The two blast hits the capital in which 8 people dead and 13 people wounded. The Non-Islamic organization Islamic State takes the responsibility of the bombings, informed a news agency, which said there were three attacks carried by suicide bombers.

Two suicide bomb attacks struck close to the Syrian capital Saturday, the killing of at-least eight people and wounding over a scores. And bombs hits the predominantly Shiet area. The local TV Channels and media have reported that the most attacks have been hits in the shia area.

The Islamic State group takes accountability of the bombings through its Aamaq news agency. Aamaq informed that two Islamic State so called jihadist attackers were wearing explosive belts while the third was in a car.

The Syrian TV informed that the blasts in the Sayyida Zeinab which is situated just south of Damascus. Resultant, eight people lost lives and 13 injured. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, (a committee who monitor war affairs) the also reported that 20 people were killed and dozens were wounded in the two explosions.

Web-Title: Another brutalment in Syria, eight people succumbed

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