16 Filipinos embrace Islam in Jeddah

RIYADH: Sixteen Filipinos — six of them convicts — embraced Islam during a ceremony in Jeddah recently, according to an online report.
“Ten of the converts are employees of a contracting company while the other six are detainees at the Jeddah Detention Center,” the report said.

The Filipinos’ conversion to Islam was the result of a collaboration between the Jeddah Detention Center and the Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance.
The ceremony was attended by Director of Prisons in Makkah Brig. Gen. Fayez bin Mastour Al-Ahmari and Director of Thought and Moral Guidance in Makkah Prisons Col. Mohsin Al-Qurashi.

The report added that the Directorate General of Prisons has adopted the development plans concerned with intellectual and moral guidance and oversees many of the cultural activities of the detainees.

Supervisor of Intellectual Guidance at Jeddah Detention Center Abdulrahman Al-Amri said there’s continued cooperation with the agencies concerned in providing the required guidance to the detainees on issues related to the residence system.