Hindu extremist do not to kill that is why Muslim engineer came out wearing the burqa

Contentiously killing of Muslims in India has created an atmosphere of fear in between Muslim community. Due to this the Muslim community either left their homes or using weird way to protect themselves.

Recently, a 42 years old engineer has detained in charge of wearing burqa while traveling. However, he has released after the interrogation. Police insisted that the engineer Najmaul Hasan was trying to hide his identity by wearing burqa. Police said that Najmul was frightened because of killing of Muslim people.

Najmul told the police officer that oftentimes i have to visit Delhi to take care of their relatives. Once when I was descending from the train at Aligarh railway station, unknowingly collided with unknown person then the person has started to castigated me on the basis of religion and threatened me to exalted from the city.

He further told to the police, that he has heard about the Junaid’s story, I was concerned about the danger of my life, so I thought, it would be better to travel by wearing burqa.

According to the information, SSP Rajesh Pandey said that, we have investigated the claim of Najmul and we found nothing to suspicious.