Bengaluru hotel refuses couple room, says Hindu and Muslim can’t live together

The flame of hatred in India reached up to high, the recent issue of religious discrimination came into lime light from Bengaluru. Where a hotel refused to provide a room to a inter-faith couple.

According to the reports, husband Shafeeq Subaida Hakkim and wife Divya DV, visited Bengaluru for some work, where they needed an accommodation to stay but  refused a room at Olive Residency on Annipuram Main Road in Sudhama Nagar. The receptionist of the hotel said that Hindu and Muslim can not live together.

The receptionist informed that he has strict instruction to not to give room to the Hindu-Muslim couples as there may be problems. While Shafeeq said that, my wife and me were shocked by the behaviour as we  have never faced such a situation before.

“I wanted the room for just 2 hours since my wife Divya had come here for an interview with a prestigious law college. Divya is an LLM graduate and was looking to do her PhD here,”  Shafeeq told India Today.