65 cows killed in Kutch

There is 65 cows and calves found death in cattle pound in Rapar taluka of Kutch district on Sunday. After the post-mortem it has found that the cause of death is Cyanide poisoning. This is the such kind of second incident in an year. The incident took place at the Bakna Vid cattle pound of Shri Jivdaya Mandal, popularly known as Rapar panjrapol, located 7 km from Rapar town. As per the data there is three cattle pounds in Rapar with around 8,000 animals.

Cattle-herders observed some cows falling on the ground unconscious around 7.30 pm. Rajendra Kothari, manager of the mandal, on Tuesday said, “After our caretakers complained of animals falling unconscious, we rushed some veterinarians to the spot. Unfortunately, of 95 sick cows and calves, we could save only 30.”

Manager Kothari said, millet fodder had come from nearby villages like Kakarva, Adoi and others. “We require around 10 truck-load of fodder every day. All the animals were given the green fodder on Saturday. But veterinarians told us that drinking water after consuming cyanide-affected fodder could prove fatal. So the cows, which drank water after consuming millet stalks, fell sick and 65 of them died.”

Where one hand the Hindu right wings of India killing and castigated the Muslims people on the name of Cow protection on the other such kind of incident came into lime light.