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Best Laser hair Removal Clinic Delhi – 100% Approved

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Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic Delhi Adorable Clinic is a renowned cosmetic surgery, Hair Transplant and Laser Hair Removal centre in South Delhi run by Dr Khushboo & during 10+ years of experience and her clinic adorable hair and skin clinic is known Best Laser hair Removal Clinic Delhi

Unwanted hair is very embarrassing mainly for females and sometimes it is also embarrassing for men too, especially when the density of hair is much more than normal. There are lots of therapies and home remedies to get rid of the unwanted hair fut at the same time all procedures are painful or time-consuming & some options may come with side effects for some individuals.

Best Laser hair Removal Clinic Delhi - 100% Aprooved

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs by exposing the skin area to laser light pulses & is very popular among females & now even males. These pulses destroy the hair follicles and remove hair from the targeted area. The treatment is based on the concept of Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL). In this process, a concentrated beam of light, of specific wavelength, is aimed at hair. This is matched with the pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on the particular hair tissue with slight effect on surrounding tissues. However, it does not heat the rest of the skin. Laser light gets absorbed by the pigment and damages the follicle, thereby preventing further hair growth.

Thanks to Laser Hair Removal as the best option or treatment to get rid of your unwanted hair as Laser hair removal is very safe and has no side effects and moreover the treatment is completely painless thus appeared as the best way to get rid of unwanted hair.

At Care Well Medical Centre they believe in providing the best treatment to our clients and thus they came up with the latest Laser Hair Removal Treatment known as Diode Laser Hair Removal.

Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic Delhi for Male & Female

  • Specialized Laser Center: Not only Laser Hair Reduction procedure but we do acne scar & other scar removal treatment, skin rejuvenation, treatment of melasma (pigmentation) by lasers.
  • Experience counts: Highly experienced & professional staff
  • Consultation by Dermatologist: Free consultation will be provided by Dermatologist
  • Diagnosis: Treatment starts with skin and hair diagnosis and a free session with our dermatologist (as mentioned above)
  • Tracing the cause: Before treatment, we rule out all possible causes like PCOD in women for severe hair growth (if any). This is important because it could affect results.
  • Consultation: Proper consultation is provided with the expected results
  • Different skin & hair type: We use different laser types for different skin & hair colour
  • Combination of laser types: We use a combination of lasers for best results. Combination of Diode Lasers & IPL or combination of different types of lasers like ND Yad, Diode or Alexandrite lasers
  • Different Wavelength used: After a few sessions, hair becomes thinner & may not react to the same kind of wavelength so we use lasers with a different wavelength which is recommended by our skin specialist

No Side Effects: No pain, no burn
The Best: Best treatment with best results*
Best Packages: Best package with no hidden cost

The centre performs the best Laser hair removal in Delhi for both men and women. Under the supervision of a renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Khushboo, Adults can easily get unwanted hairs reduced from any area. The best procedures are practised by using modern machines and devices, thereby guaranteeing high quality and long-term results to customers.

The centre has both the machines suitable for the treatment: IPL with SHR mode and Diode Laser. One is less likely to suffer from pain in the former than the latter. However, Diode is a more superior and latest machine that is designed for removing hairs. The customers can opt for any machine treatment according to their choice.

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Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic Delhi

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