Bombing in Bhagdad killed 27 people. The two separate bombers targeted commercial street and army check point, in which more than 27 people killed and 77 wounded on Thursday. Iraqi police informed.

The attacks arise as Iraqi forces are trying to extricate ISIS terrorists from Falluja. However, a Non-Islamic organization, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria takes responsibility.


The explosion kept in a car which parked on the commercial street of Baghdad al-Jadeeda (New Baghdad), an eastern city of the capital. In this attack at-least 15 innocent folks killed along with more than 50 police officer wounded. Police said

Another suicide car bomber also targeted an eminent army check point in Taji, just north of Baghdad, which led the killing of seven civilian and five soldiers and injuring of more than 20 folks including soldiers. According to the police officer.

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Sources: USA Today

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