The great boxer born in 1942, dies yesterday. Muhammad Ali, American Professional boxer, was one of the magnificent heavyweight champions. His incorrigible character transcended sports and captivated the world. According to statement revealed by his family, that he was at the age 74.

Muhammad was suffered from the Parkinson’s disease from last year. The disease shrunken his body and led him towards the death. While he was hospitalized earlier this week.


According to the American media report, the 74-years old Muhammad hospitalized on Thursday. The 74-year-old former heavyweight world champion was hospitalized on Thursday. Where it has found that his respiratory system trouble was much complicated by his Parkinson’s disease.

The legendary boxer, Ali famous worldwide not only for his ring career but also for his civil rights activism. He has been hospitalized numerous times in the recent years. He spent time in hospital in 2014 after suffering a mild case of pneumonia and again in 2015 for a urinary tract infection.

The disease Parkinson that he was suffered is the cause of punches that he took in his career. But he has sustained to make presences and offer views through his family members and spokes people. Despite the Parkinson tremors in his hand, he has appeared in Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 enough to light the Olympic flame.

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