Date: 03-03-2013

USTCRI awards Mind Riders Technology

मुस्लिम परिवार में शादीे करने के इच्छुक है तो अभी फोटो देखकर अपना जीवन साथी चुने (फ्री)- क्लिक करें 

The leading name in the field of IT (Information Technology), Mind Riders Technology has been recently awarded by The US Trade & Commerce Research Institute (USTCRI) for best mobile game developer.

USTCRI is a leading authority which deals in research, recognizing and evaluation of various companies across a wide spectrum of industries. It is very difficult for the companies to qualify and match the tough standards of excellence set by USTCRI. So it is a very big achievement for Mind Riders technology to get awarded by USTCRI. Mind Riders Technology is a leading name in the service provider of end-to-end mobile solutions and gaming.

Mind Riders Technology was founded by Yogesh Patil in 2007 and has developed tremendously since its formation. The turnover for this company was over $5 million for the last financial year. Partha Roy started working for this company in 2008 as a technical advisor and the company has came up with the flying colors during his period. Initially the company had the investment of only one laptop. The technical advisor of Mind Riders Technology believes that the business should be started with minimal investment. The logo and the website of the company was not formed initially but came into the existence later. Developing a game was the first task completed by Mind Riders. After this assignment,

there was no looking back for them. Now, they have developed their client network on an international platform and also in India. They have clients in many countries like UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Dubai and Nigeria. However the headquarters of the company is located in Maharastra , India , but they have latest aquisition and brach setup within the countries like UK , US and CANADA.

Today, Mind Riders Technology is considered as a big name in the industry of mobile application development. They have an absolute authority in developing, deploying and delivering mobile applications for all the operating systems like Google Android, Apple iPhone, Microsoft’s Windows, RIM’s Blackberry and Symbian. In a short span the company has developed over than 600 mobile applications. They have developed various apps like Health n Family, Tap Zoo, Tap Defense, bodybuggSP, Mario Cooks, Hot and Pay Anywhere. These user friendly apps have become everyday part of users’ lives. They also have topped in the charts in app stores of all the platforms.